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Every plate achieves that elusive balance of sweet, salty, and sour


We provide restaurant quality concepts within our foodbars, focused on epic quality, fair prices and awesome taste!

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Thirsty Guys

Beverage Concept

Thirsty guys offers Boba and Juices featuring vegan milks and controlled sugar content not exceeding 25 grams per serving. Organic chia seeds, organic turmeric and organic Apple cider vinegars are used and promoted within the outlets.

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The Daily Bowl

Super foods & Salads

The daily bowl offers bowls in two sizes and features a myriad of whole grains and salads. Each outlet houses a self dressing condiment station where, vinegar and olive oils are provided to all our guests to augment their bowl as they see fit.

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Pasta Nation

Cooked to order Pasta

Pasta nation, features regular and whole grain pastas cooked to order. Vegan proteins and sauces are heavily promoted at each outlet, in addition, various vegetable and superfood toppings can be added to each order.

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Platypus Foodbars feature product information tags which clearly indicate macro nutrition breakdown and common allergens